Redirecting Children's Behavior

Do you find yourself struggling with the day-to-day challenges of raising a child? Are you tired and worn down from constant power struggles? Are you yelling and using ineffective punishments and/or bribes just to try and get your family to function? You’re not alone!

Redirecting Children’s Behavior is a renowned curriculum that has been helping families with these problems and more for over 20 years. Throughout this course we will address common family obstacles such as sibling rivalry, attention sharing, fighting, and power struggles. After attending the class, parents and caregivers will walk away with hundreds of easy-to-use tips and tools to help deal with everyday parenting challenges; and, ultimately, help all families achieve happy and peaceful homes. 

  • Calmly and effectively handle power struggles, outbursts and other challenges
  • Empower your child 
  • Teach your children to be responsible and self-motivated
  • Make time for yourself and manage stress
  • Apply logical consequences and set reasonable limits
  • Eliminate yelling and arguing
  • Use kind but firm loving guidance 
  • Feel good about yourself as a parent
  • Build trust and communication between all family members
  • Create a supportive and cooperative team mentality for your entire family!

  • All parents should experience this class! If you are expecting or have children of any age - from toddlers to teens - learning these tools will help build strength & respect into your family structure. 
  • We also recommend this course for grandparents, aunts, uncles, child caregivers, nannies, regular babysitters, teachers, doctors and anyone else who has regular involvement and interaction with children.
  • The best possible scenario for each child is to have all of his or her supporters on the same page, so they can provide consistent care and guidance.  


  • Weekly meetings include discussion as well as opportunities to practice and master the concepts within the curriculum. 
  • You may choose to attend the full 5-week course, or an accelerated 3-week course.
  • This class is available for private, small group or corporate instruction. Stephanie can tailor her material for almost any group need.

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Stephanie has been certified to instruct this course through the International Network for Children and Families.