Infant Massage

Infant massage is an extremely beneficial practice that has been passed down for generations in many cultures across the globe. We believe that loving and nurturing touch may be our greatest tool in ensuring that our babies thrive and bond with their parents. Our course uses techniques based on both Indian and Swedish massage – with influences from yoga – to promote nurturing touch and communication between parents and their babies. Our approach combines a routine of soothing, rhythmic strokes and guided communication that provide numerous benefits for babies and parents.

  • Improves the bond between parent and baby
  • Helps relax baby
  • Promotes regular sleep/wake cycles
  • Stimulates growth
  • Strengthens baby’s immune system
  • Regulates digestive system
  • Helps reduce colic
  • Relieves teething pains
  • Small groups allow new moms and dads the opportunity to share experiences

  • Infant massage is for parents and caregivers with babies from infancy to one year old.
  • Grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, day care providers and other caregivers can use infant massage to bond with baby while in their care!
  • Group classes work best with infants ranging from birth to pre-crawling.


  • The course is taught over 5 weeks. At each weekly meeting we will review the strokes from the previous week and learn new strokes for you to practice with your baby!
  • Your class will be led by an expert using a baby doll for guidance and demonstration. You will be the only one to touch your baby, as we will encourage the loving relationship between you and your baby.
  • We use only edible, organic massage oil (grapeseed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil) which will be provided for you.
  • Small group and private instruction available. Stephanie is also available as a guest speaker and can provide demonstrations for corporate offices and professional groups.

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Stephanie has been certified to teach this class through Infant Massage USA, the US Chapter of the globally recognized International Association of Infant Massage.