About Kinship

Kinship asks you the question, “What type of relationship do you want to have with your child?” The answer to that simple question is THE bottom line and should be the motivating factor driving your parenting choices on a daily basis.

Parents today work harder than ever. It is very common for us to enlist the help of our neighbors, family and community in raising our children. Whether you stay at home with your children, have a career or do both, we at Kinship want to make sure that everyone involved in your child’s life is helping them to develop and reach their full potential. A consistent and compassionate approach from all involved in their upbringing will create the most solid foundation for you and your child.

  • Our Baby Massage classes help you start bonding with your child from the very first days of his or her life.
  • Our Redirecting Children’s Behavior course provides practical tools to use every day that will help bring families closer, and eliminate some of the stress that comes from the huge responsibility of raising a child.
  • Our exclusive Nanny Training and Certification program is a comprehensive course that includes the Redirecting Children’s Behavior curriculum, CPR/First Aid certification, day-to-day professionalism tips, coaching and education in childhood development.